DAYFARER Cap - Edition 2

The idea to create the cap came when I first saw the magnetic buckle.
This buckle is so easy to use and gives any cap such a clean look and when I heard that no one was using it for a cap yet, I knew I wanted to design a cap for the next Edition.

So when I had the buckle and knew that I want to make a cap, I start researching about fabrics for it.

I come across many different fabrics, but one stood out to me because of its very unique futures.

It's a cotton fabric from the company Ventile. They have developed a lightweight, windproof, breathable and waterproof cotton fabric, which is ideal for the new Edition.

Ventile® cotton originally was created to save the lives of Air Force personnel flying over the Atlantic in wartime England.
Pilots needed a garment that was cool and comfortable in the cockpit, but warm and impenetrable if it came into contact with water.

Until now, the fabric is been mainly used by Air Force units and Arctic explorers.

The high grade cotton fabric is spun, twisted, woven and dyed/finished in Switzerland by following the highest quality standards.
The yarns are made of purely highest grade, extra-long staple cotton (Only the very best 2% of the world’s cotton crop meet this standard).
These twisted yarns are being woven in such a tight manner that the finished fabric withstands harsh weather conditions like rain showers and strong winds.
The natural cotton fiber enables a wearing comfort (breathability), which can never be reached with synthetic materials. Soft handle and natural esthetical look are other plus factors of this fabric.

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