Hello, my name is David Hundertmark and I am from Cologne, Germany.

For ten years I have been traveling and only stayed in the same country for about 3 months.

I often take part in meetings, work in different places with my laptop and do sports in between.

Because I could not fund the backpack that keeps up with my daily life, I designed one myself and started the new brand MODERN DAYFARER.


My approach to sustainability is to make products with a TIMELESS DESIGN while using only DURABLE FABRICS AND MATERIALS.

A TIMELESS DESIGN doesn’t go out of fashion as soon as trends change and with DURABLE FABRICS AND MATERIALS, the products last a really, really long time.


My manufacturing partner specializes in elaborate front-end development and therefore is perfect for the bags and accessories I am making.

At my last visit to Vietnam, I had a long conversation with the founder of the factory. He told me that there are choosing their clients not based on profit, but on interest in the product. He told me that when a product idea seems interesting and challenging, then its fun and that's what there are looking for. I couldn't agree more.

They are the main reason why the backpacks are so well-received.


I make products which I am excited about, and where I cannot wait until they are finished, because I want to use them.

Creating these products has become my passion and I am always looking for new ideas and perspectives to create products which support an active and creative lifestyle.