Hello, my name is David Hundertmark and I am from Cologne, Germany.

For ten years I have been traveling and only stayed in the same country for about 3 months.

I often take part in meetings, work in different places with my laptop and do sports in between.

Because I could not fund the backpack that keeps up with my daily life, I designed one myself and started the new brand MODERN DAYFARER.


My approach to sustainability is to make products with a TIMELESS DESIGN while using only DURABLE FABRICS AND MATERIALS.

A TIMELESS DESIGN doesn’t go out of fashion as soon as trends change and with DURABLE FABRICS AND MATERIALS, the products last a really, really long time.


My manufacturing partner specializes in elaborate front-end development and therefore is perfect for the bags and accessories I am making.

They are the main reason why the backpacks are so well-received.


I make products which I am excited about, and where I cannot wait until they are finished, because I want to use them.

Creating these products has become my passion and I am always looking for new ideas and perspectives to create products which support an active and creative lifestyle.