UPDATE for ACTVIE Sling pre-orders: 

Unfortunately, we have a little production delay, because of Covid.
However, most likely we're still able to ship the pre-orders of the ACTIVE Sling, by end of February.
Originally the production should have finished by 31 of December, but due to the delay, it will finish by the 10th of January.
We got a container ship now which will pick up the bags on the 22nd of January and arrive in Germany on the 18th of February. We expect the bags a few days later in our fulfillment center and will send them to our clients immediately.

When will pre-ordered items ship?

Please reference the order page, of your pre-order item, for estimated delivery dates.

When will I be charged for pre-orders?

Pre-orders are billed just like regular orders and typically process in 24-48 hours after an order is placed.

What if my shipping address changes?

If you change your address before we have shipped the pre-order product, email us at info@moderndayfarer.com and we change the shipping address for you.

Can I order pre-order items and items which are in stock together?
If you are ordering a mix of pre-order items and items in stock, we request that you place two separate orders. One for the in-stock items and one for pre-ordered items, or you can order them together, but please keep in mind that we ship them all together once the pre-order item is ready to be shipped.