When will pre-ordered items ship?

UPDATE: 10. January

The production of the DAYFARER Caps is supposed to finish before Chinees New Year (End of February).
The fabric and the materials are currently on the way to the factory.

If everything goes smoothly, we are able to ship the Caps to our customers by the beginning or by middle of march.

While we have carefully planned out our production and delivery strategy, there is always a possibility of delay along the way, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic and related issues that exist in the world today.

We will work hard to ensure that we deliver on time, if there will be any delay, however, I will make an update here on the page and always keep you updated.

When will I be charged for pre-orders?
Pre-orders are billed just like regular orders and typically process in 24-48 hours after an order is placed.
What if my shipping address changes?

If you change your address before we have shipped the pre-order product, email us at and we change the shipping address for you.

Can I order pre-order items and items which are in stock together?
If you are ordering a mix of pre-order items and items in stock, we request that you place two separate orders. One for the in-stock items and one for pre-ordered items, or you can order them together, but please keep in mind that we ship them all together once the pre-order item is ready to be shipped.