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ACTIVE Sling Pack 16L


Der ACTIVE Sling Pack wurde für die wichtigsten Dinge des Alltags und des Fitnessstudios entwickelt und kombiniert das umweltfreundliche VX-21 XPak®-Gewebe mit intelligenter Organisation. Er sorgt dafür, dass Ihr Tablet oder Laptop separat und leicht zugänglich bleibt, und ist mit Fidlock®-Magnetschnallen für schnellen, einhändigen Zugriff ausgestattet.

Zugänglich über Rolltop und Vordertasche

Separates, gepolstertes Laptopfach

Gepolsterter Schultergurt, anpassbar für die Nutzung über der linken oder rechten Schulter


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The perfect sling bag for me.

I got the Active Sling Pack about two months ago, & I’ve been using it almost every day & rethink how I pack just so that I can use it!

Room for improvement: Make an X50 MCB version! Also, it’d be good to have a stabilizer strap, even though I’ve never had any issues. & lastly, it’d be great if it could be transformed into a backpack with a backpack harness. Other than that, it’s a 9.9/10 for me.

Martin Böller
very practical but a bit too stiff / sehr praktisch aber etwas zu steiffe Materialien

very good size. finally a slingbag thats quiet a bit bigger than standard, but not too big. many good ideas and every little side pocket one could wish, including two bottle holders. bottle holders you find in very few sling bags and I have a lot of them. The materials are just a bit too stiff for me and make accessing the pockets often a bit hard and finally made me change back to my old sling bag, which is made of more flexible materials. I would prefer the bag also being a bit more body-hugging.

Versitile Gym Bag

I recently started using this as a gym sling. The magnetic lock on the strap makes taking the pack on and off very easy and convenient. The volume is just enough to store a rolled up weight belt and some other gym essentials. The quick access pockets are convenient storage for headphones, mobile device, and keys.

My only suggestion to improve the product would be a pocket (or 2) with ventilation grommets for items like wrist wraps and straps.

Hands down, this is the best gym sling I’ve owned.

Tulio Lira
Light but tough, slim but practical

Great sling for everyday comute and travel. The rolling access will be your expansion for jackets and so on. Main access through some (very) tough and waterproof YKK zippers.

Material makes you feel like you can paraglide through a hellstorm strapped only on one side.

Don't buy if you are hoping for a comprehensive bag for your 16" laptop and your small fortune of cables.

Buy it for every thing else.

nathan griff
Upscale XL sized sling with great looks but heavy and tough zippers

It is a beautiful sling that I wish had a second strap to be a backpack. Materials are excellent as is the look but it is heavy when packed with about ten pounds of daily commuting gear (including a laptop) and I won't use it for longer walks much preferring a backpack style in those instances.

Derek Roberts
Brilliant sling bag

Great size and the only one that has two external pockets for drinks or umbrellas. Fantastic

Does not fit 12.9” iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard case… in the laptop compartment, anyway

Bought this primarily to use as a personal item on flights with the option of using it as a daypack at my destination. Also plan to use it for the gym.

Some youtube reviews show that this can fit a 14” laptop fairly easily. I tried it with a 14” MacBook Pro which slipped in there pretty easily, and the laptop required a bit of alignment to remove. Specs say it is 8.7” deep. The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard case is 9” deep, which unfortunately is about the same size as the opening. Was a considerable struggle to remove my iPad + case (took a couple minutes to make sure nothing got damaged) and I wouldn’t try it again.

Luckily, the big elastic pocket in the main compartment fits my iPad with keyboard case easily. Not ideal considering there’s a dedicated laptop compartment, but this pocket is suspended to protect your device.

Anton Ullrich
Good EDC Backpack

I purchased the active sling pack some weeks ago and it was delivered within 3 work-days. I use the backpack nearly every day and I´m really happy with it. It fits all the different things I need during the day easily and it´s still comfortable and fits well even when I go by bike. Concluding it´s a really good and comfortable Sling-Backpack and I would recommend buying it.