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DAYFARER V2 Backpack XPac




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The perfect backpack for the office and gym

I was fed up with carrying a duffelback and a backpack to my office, and started looking everywhere for a backpack that could do both, gym and office. This backpack is everything I have been looking for. I can have my laptop in the laptop compartment, my headphones, paper and pens in the main compartment, and shoes and sweaty gym stuff in the seperate shoe compartment. And the dark green looks really good, and fits my style quite well.

Evan Malkin
Loving this as a gym/work bag!

Having recently rejoined a gym I needed something that could be both functional and stylish for gym and the office. Enter the Dayfarer V2 XPAC in the perfect dark green color. Having used it for a week now I can easily store my gym shoes AND shower sandals in the shoe compartment while also fitting my gym or work outfit in the main compartment. The laptop sleeve easily fits my 15" XPS and the accessory pocket is perfect for wallet, keys, and AirPods. The upgraded clasp is seamless and my kids have already tested the XPAC material by spilling juice on my back, quick and easy cleanup. To top it off the bottle holder fits my 32 oz water bottle. Amazing bag that I can't wait to also travel with!

James Meyer
Just Awesome 🌟

I bought the DAYFARER V2 BACKPACK XPAC in dark green- and wow what can I say? Very sharp! Love the new buckle too. The best EDC backpack. Job well done.

Joachim Wiberg
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

I’ve thought about ordering a Dayfarer V2 backpack for quite some time now. My only actual issue was that most of the other bags I have in my small collection are black. But suddenly a mail dropped in about a limited edition which also comes in olive x-pac. Less than one minute later I had placed the order.

This bag oozes quality. It is sturdy, feels great to the touch and packs a lot. The laptop pocket is absolutely amazing. My work laptop is an over-sized 16’ and it fits easily. That doesn’t happen often. I tested with a tiny 13’ MacBook Air and that sits snugly as well without rattling around or anything. Magic. The pockets and organizational features are perfect for me as I tend to pack with additional pouches and cases. If you appreciate built in admin panels a such, this bag might be found wanting. However there are a lot of pockets and compartments here and there so I think it is enough for most people. At least it is for me! I personally won’t use the shoe compartment but I love that it’s there just in case. It is in no way blocking functionality. The bottom lid for the shoes can double for other small storage so it makes itself useful regardless. The fidlock system is physically addictive. So are the zippers.

This version also matches material wise with my “active sling“, which has been my favorite for over a year now. I only have left to purchase the RVX25 tech pouch and then I have a complete x-pac set. I already have the black cordura one and it works great. But looking forward to the bright orange against the olive color.

And yeah I almost forgot: the bag sits very comfortably on the back as well even when heavily loaded. I was slightly surprised that the chest strap was a separate product, but I guess not everyone would want one. Depends on how you use it!

Thanks for making this absolutely perfect bag!


This is my very first bag or anything from this company. I bought the V2 in the limited run xpac and V fidlock style. Was extremely surprised at how lightweight the bag is, and the x pac material with the new lock is amazing, super water resistant and makes it a very sexy bag. The organizational pockets are very well hidden, which is a great security feature to me and a plus, but can be a little tight to get into. The fact that this “top loader” bag can completely open flat clamshell style was amazing, and the fact you can “stow away” the internal shoe bag compartment really well was fantastic, as I never carry shoes with me inside my travel bag. The shoulder straps are very comfortable as well as the back panel. It has an impressive false bottom for the laptop compartment, but the opening for the laptop compartment has a very limited opening and doesn’t unzip all the way down on the sides, which I would have preferred, but was not a deal breaker for me. Overall, I’m very very impressed with this bag, and intend to use it for weekend travel and not as an EDC. Thank you! So glad this was my first purchase.