I started researching where the companies that have backpacks of high quality produce there backpacks.
Most of the high quality backpacks I found during my research were produced in Vietnam.

Therefore, I wanted to try to find a manufacturer in Vietnam as well.

Since I did not know anybody who could help me, this was one of the biggest challenges during the whole development phase.

So I searched the internet for weeks. After a while I wrote to many different manufacturers, but hardly anyone answered my mails. Then I tried to call them directly but I did not get far with English.

The connections to multilingual sales managers did not materialize. There were always only people on the phone who did not speak English and I did not get any further.

Those who answer me have made backpacks that were okay but not great. I wanted to know who is the best.

I only wanted to work with the best. I thought, if I'm doing this, then i do it right.

After a while of frustration, I searched online for a translator.

I explained everything to the translator and she called all manufacturers for me. To my surprise, I got in touch with the sales managers from every single manufacturer she called and from then on it was easy.

Since my felicitous factory also made backpacks for a company also founded by Kickstarter, I knew the factory backpacks were familiar with the Kickstarter system.

That's it: I knew that I wanted to work with this manufacturer.

After introducing my not-so-perfect tech pack, they agreed. They liked my idea of ​​how I would like the backpack. I was Lucky.

This manufacturer specializes in the elaborate front-end development and is therefore perfect for my project.

Now, 5 prototypes later, I have the perfect backpack.

I could not be happier with it and I can not wait to show it to you.

I have just ordered a small shipment of my backpacks. You can win one here on the website if you signed up for the newsletter.

Good luck!

Other reasons, except best quality and reasonable price to make the backpack in Vietnam were for me:

Factories in Vietnam are more willing to work with a small business and allow smaller order quantities.

They are very flexible regarding the order quantity.

I've seen the manufacturer I produce with Kickstarter backpacks for hundreds and tens of thousands without any delays.

Vietnam has the best suppliers in the immediate vicinity.

Vietnamese factories have access to every conceivable component in every size and color within a short distance.

Most high-quality foreign producers also have a factory, dealer or office in Vietnam or nearby in East Asia.



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