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In a world flooded with fleeting trends, we stand firm with our belief in timeless designs. Our materials are meticulously chosen for their durability and premium quality, ensuring that every MODERN DAYFARER bag lasts for years to come. We believe that timeless designs made with high quality fabrics and materials is the most important start to sustainability.

Main fabric

Our main fabric is 840D ballistic nylon, which is extremely durable and long lasting. Therefore, we use it for our products and plan to make most future products with this fabric.

We now only manufacture products with this fabric using a PFAS (Forever Chemicals) free coating, which is used to make it water resistant.

Why we are removing PFAS chemicals from the coating:

1. Persistence: PFAS do not break down in nature, so once they are in the environment, they stay there forever.
2. Bioaccumulation: PFAS can build up in the bodies of animals and humans, increasing in concentration over time and leading to health issues.
3. Toxicity: PFAS can cause health problems such as damage to the liver and kidneys and are linked to some types of cancer.
4. Water Contamination: PFAS dissolve in water easily, which can lead to contamination of water sources that communities and animals depend on.
5. Soil Contamination: PFAS in the soil can harm plants and reduce the quality of soil, affecting agriculture and natural ecosystems.

Another goal to make our fabrics more sustainable is to use solution dyed fabric. However, to give full transparency, this is not the case yet. This is because we are a small company and our order volume is not large enough yet to get the fabric dyed this way by our supplier. But, as we grow, we anticipate having larger productions and hopefully will be able to use this dyeing method soon.

What is solution dyeing and why we want to use it in the future:

Solution dyeing is a technique where color is added to the nylon fibers during the manufacturing process, rather than dyeing the fabric after it is made. This method uses less water and energy, making it more eco friendly. It also ensures that the color lasts longer, even with frequent use and exposure to sunlight.

Why suppliers only make it after a high quantity order:

Fabric suppliers prefer to dye the fabrics after receiving an order, because it is more efficient for their inventory management. They keep the fabric in stock in its undyed (white) state and only dye it according to the specific colors requested in each order. This approach helps ensure they do not run out of the most in demand colors.

Alternative Fabric Choices

When not using 840d ballistic nylon, we opt for VX21 XPac® fabric from Dimension Polyant's cleenTEC® line. This is by far the most durable fabric we found, which is using recycled materials. It is made in environmentally friendly facilities, marrying exceptional durability with innovative sustainability.

Packaging Initiatives

We have minimized our packaging to the greatest extent possible, reducing material use and saving space during transportation and storage. This approach is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost effective, helping us keep our products affordable. Striving for maximum sustainability without compromising on affordability is essential, as to high costs can drive consumers elsewhere.

Additionally, we are now actively working on transitioning our packaging (Including hang tags) to be 100% recyclable.