Hi, I’m David Hundertmark, the founder of MODERN DAYFARER. My days are often packed with meetings, working sessions on my laptop, and squeezing in a workout whenever possible. The search for a backpack that could match my lifestyle led to a void, sparking the creation of MODERN DAYFARER.



We’re not just bag designers, we're enthusiasts of an active lifestyle. Our products, tailored for the modern day wanderer to the remote professional and fitness aficionado, and everyone in between. Continuously inspired by our surroundings, we seek fresh ideas to enrich your active lifestyle with contemporary, minimalistic flair.


In a world flooded with fleeting trends, we stand firm with our belief in timeless designs. Our materials are meticulously chosen for their durability and premium quality, ensuring that every MODDERN DAYFARER bag last for years to come.


Our journey wouldn’t be as rewarding without our remarkable manufacturing partner. Their expertise in elaborate front end development is the catalyst that elevates our bags, garnering love and appreciation from our community.