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Fabrics & Materials



Sustainability begins with timeless designs and products made out of high quality fabrics and materials.

But it does not end there, to learn more about our ongoing sustainability approach, click here!

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VX21 fabric

VX-21 XPak® fabric, part of Dimension-Polyant's cleenTEC® line, uses recycled materials and is produced in eco-friendly facilities. It combines top-notch environmental innovation with quality, featuring a three-layer laminate for extreme tear resistance and inspired by high-end sailcloth for superior performance.


840d Ballistic Nylon

840d ballistic nylon is renowned for its exceptional durability and wear-and-tear resistance. Made from densely woven nylon fibers, it meets military-grade standards for protection and strength. Water-resistant and versatile, it's ideal for products needing reliability and longevity.

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SNAP Buckle

Flat 40

Designed for 40 mm wide straps, this is the largest version of the SNAP buckle flat models. This buckle features a ladderlock on one side for adjustment of the strap. Its uniquely flat design is achieved by the integration of a flat and stable metal spring.


40 LL black flap + pull tab

Offering full adjustability, this version of the V-BUCKLE is distinguishable by its black stainless steel flap. The V-buckle 40 LL black flap was developed for safety-related applications, making it self-securing and suitable for 40 mm wide straps.



The STRIPE X3 is a brand-new system, developed specifically for textiles. Its slim design and versatile attachment make it perfect to use on our ACTIVE Sling.


slim X5

The STRIPE slim X5 is a slimmer version of the STRIPE X3. It additionally offers more levels for adjustment, making it ideal for caps.

YKK Aquaguard zipper

The YKK® AquaGuard® Zipper is a high-performance zipper designed with a water-repellent coating and tightly sealed teeth, ensuring ultimate protection against moisture to keep your essentials dry and secure in any weather condition.