About the Editions

Designing new products has become my passion. I love researching about new fabrics and materials and exploring new ideas for experimental and innovative products and using the absolute best fabrics and materials for it.

However, for a small brand, it is very expensive to release many new products and therefore I will start the MODERN DAYFFARER EDITION LINE, where I release new products in a limited quantity only.

This allows me to do what I love, creating new products and the website will stay interesting for existing clients.
A product may never come back or I will release it a second or third time, or maybe it even becomes the main product if the demand for it is specially high.
Along with the design of the product itself, this line will also test new fabrics and materials which will define the future products of MODERN DAYFARER.

If you see a product in the future which you missed and like to see again, or if you have a good idea for a product you like to see next, please let me know at info@moderndayfarer.com.  

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