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ACTIVE Sling Pack

Sale price€169.00

The ACTIVE Sling Pack, designed for your daily and gym essentials, combines the eco-friendly VX-21 XPak® fabric with smart organization. It ensures your tablet or laptop remains separate and easily accessible, equipped with Fidlock® magnetic buckles for quick, one-handed access.

Accessible via roll top and front pocket.

Separate padded laptop compartment.

Padded shoulder strap, adjusts for left or right shoulder use.

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Customer Reviews

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Heinz D. Schultz
No regrets!

The Active Sling Pack is not my first Modern Dayfarer product. I also own the Dayfarer Backpack. I bought the Sling Pack because I wanted to carry all the important things like my MacBook and my Remarkable Pad, my breakfast and my drink compactly on my daily commute to work. The Sling Pack is of the same excellent quality as the Backpack. Very good zippers, practical openings and a very comfortable carrying strap. I am delighted with the new magnetic closures. I bought the Sling Pack in black and have no regrets.

Danny Lohnen
Outstanding XL sling pack

The Modern Dayfarer Active Sling Pack can be described in many words, but outstanding is the first one that comes to mind.

It is a rugged, weather proof XL sling that easily holds everything you need and a bit more, without getting heavy or cumbersome. It looks like a backpack but it’s not: it is easily big enough for your stuff, but at the same time it forces you to consider what you actually need to carry, because it does not hold as much as a regular backpack, nor is it designed to.

The bag has several pockets and it is 100% symmetrical, which means that all the pockets on one side are mirrored on the other side. You can carry the sling on the front of your body but that is really not the way it is intended to be carried (it’s too big for that). Carry it on your back and just sling it forwards to access one of the pockets. It’s easy and convenient.

The bag has a roll top, but (to me one of the most interesting and convenient features) the main compartment can also be easily accessed from the front by flapping open the main compartment. It is secured with weatherproof zippers, just like the front pocket and the other compartments.

The materials are top notch, the carry sling is soft and padded which makes carrying it effortless and comfortable, even when fully packed. The back is padded for optimum comfort. There is a well protected and padded laptop compartment which can hold a 14’’ laptop / Macbook. The compartment does not run all the way down so if you put the sling on the ground, your laptop does not make contact with the ground, giving it an extra layer of protection.

There are two stretch-material water bottle carriers, one on each side. I personally don’t use those because it kind of ruïns the symmetrical look (I carry my water bottle in the main compartment) but that’s a personal preference.

There’s a rugged handle on top so you can carry the sling in your hand if needs be.

I’m very happy with the Active Sling Pack. If you’re looking for a backpack this is not for you, if you want to go minimalist and only carry what you can’t do without (a pocket reliever), I suggest a regular sling (like the Modern Dayfarer Active Sling), but in every other situation this sling pack is really what you have been looking for all your life.

Oh and it’s beautiful as well! It looks very cool.

Nice EDC bag for a small laptop

I really like the bag, the size, materials and layout all work really well for me. The two way accessible main compartment is genious and expands nicely if needed. Outer pockets also give versatile options to hold all different items you may need to have a quick access to. Weather protection also looks promising.
The only two cripes are the question about durability of the bottle holder and the fact that my Thinkpad T14s did not fit in the laptop compartment. Well, the laptop did fit in, just, but getting it out was pretty close to impossible.
My need this time was for a work bag and hence I had to return the bag. For a different use or need it would have been a different story.

Jodi. O
Look pro

Really nice Bag made of cool materials. Everyone asks me, where i bought this cool Bag.

Jeff Carroll
Near perfect sling.

The design of this bag is excellent. Just the right amount of style combined with functionality. VX21 is the right choice, providing decent structure. Front access with a rolltop bag is the way to go for easy access combined with expandability.
Hope they offer a 16L or so size bag in a true backpack one day, too.

Paweł Zalejski
Almost Perfect!

The backpack holds very well on the back, the material is cool but I don't understand why key ring in the pocket is for the left handed people ... This rare on this planet;) Now I need to find some solution for that.
Second one on the arm I installed special loops at the tailor to fix the glasses.

The perfect sling bag for me.

I got the Active Sling Pack about two months ago, & I’ve been using it almost every day & rethink how I pack just so that I can use it!

Room for improvement: Make an X50 MCB version! Also, it’d be good to have a stabilizer strap, even though I’ve never had any issues. & lastly, it’d be great if it could be transformed into a backpack with a backpack harness. Other than that, it’s a 9.9/10 for me.

Martin Böller
very practical but a bit too stiff / sehr praktisch aber etwas zu steiffe Materialien

very good size. finally a slingbag thats quiet a bit bigger than standard, but not too big. many good ideas and every little side pocket one could wish, including two bottle holders. bottle holders you find in very few sling bags and I have a lot of them. The materials are just a bit too stiff for me and make accessing the pockets often a bit hard and finally made me change back to my old sling bag, which is made of more flexible materials. I would prefer the bag also being a bit more body-hugging.

Versitile Gym Bag

I recently started using this as a gym sling. The magnetic lock on the strap makes taking the pack on and off very easy and convenient. The volume is just enough to store a rolled up weight belt and some other gym essentials. The quick access pockets are convenient storage for headphones, mobile device, and keys.

My only suggestion to improve the product would be a pocket (or 2) with ventilation grommets for items like wrist wraps and straps.

Hands down, this is the best gym sling I’ve owned.

Tulio Lira
Light but tough, slim but practical

Great sling for everyday comute and travel. The rolling access will be your expansion for jackets and so on. Main access through some (very) tough and waterproof YKK zippers.

Material makes you feel like you can paraglide through a hellstorm strapped only on one side.

Don't buy if you are hoping for a comprehensive bag for your 16" laptop and your small fortune of cables.

Buy it for every thing else.