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The ACTIVE Sling combines eco-conscious VX-21 XPak® fabric with functionality, offering seamless access to essentials with its structured, lightweight design and Fidlock® magnetic buckles for effortless, one-handed operation.

Fast opening for instant access.

Easily Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Organized Internal Pockets

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Customer Reviews

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Jorge DC
Súper funcional y práctica

Es exactamente lo que buscaba, una bolsa minimalista y con materiales nobles, funcional y con gran estilo. La verdad, muy satisfecho con la compra, la volvería a comprar sin duda.

Angel Mendoza Jr

I’ve been looking for a small bag exactly like this one. I’m a photographer and often go out shooting and have spare batteries, lens cleaning gear, lens cap while shooting, my phone, AirPods, slim wallet, a small knife, sunglasses, an extra memory card, charging cables/power bank and even a small face lotion with sunscreen. This bag is the perfect size to accommodate all of that which alleviates bulging pockets with items popping out the top and potentially falling out etc. Most bags like this are too big which 1. causes one to find more crap to put in it making it heavier and bulkier, at which point, just go with a full on backpack, and 2. simply aren’t as comfortable to wear all day as this one is because of it’s relatively small size. This bag is the perfect size for my needs and it’s well made of what appears to be solid, high quality materials and it looks good too. I used it for most of the day yesterday while out shooting and it never became uncomfortable because it’s not too big/bulky, or heavy. I hope it holds up over time and continues to be comfortable, and useful. More time with it will tell.

Joey Zaballero
Your extra pocket

Perfect for the bare minimum, stuff that weighs down your pockets. I have a powerbank (small wireless), earpods, pens and passport sized Travellers notebook in it. You can probably fit a pocket knife and flashlight in it as well but not much more.

Danny Lohnen
Very good, but very small

The bag is beautiful, no doubt about that, and the materials are top notch. The strap could have been a bit longer for my taste, but it is comfortable to carry the bag and the swivel system with which the strap is attached tot the bag is very cool. It makes the bag hug your body, which is very nice. It is stylish and it looks and feels luxurious. It’s a high end bag for a normal price.

The only issue I have with the bag is that it is very very small. It carries only the most basic essentials and even those are pushing it. The shape of the bag does not stay consistent when it is full, so closing the lid can be a bit tricky, eventhough it closes with magnets.

I tried carrying my iPhone 14 Pro Max, cardholder and keys and it kind of holds those things, but there is no room for my Airpods and medicine case (it could hold maybe one of those, but it’s not likely to close then).

It’s not even close to being big enough to actually take my sunglasses with me. I’ve heard it being described as a “pocket reliever” and as such it is great! As a bag, however, it is slightly too minimalistic. You really have to be very very picky with what you take with you. Not a bad thing, but something that you do have to be aware of when choosing whether this is the bag for you.

I would prefer a slightly bigger model of the exact same bag, because as I said earlier: though small, it is very beautiful and the materials are outstanding.

Modern Dayfarer: if you ever produce an Active Sling Max (or whatever you want to call it, basically the exact same Active Sling but 1,5 / 2 times the size of the original) I’m your man!

For now: it’s pick and choose what to take with me, because the bag itself is great.

Stylish and Practical Sling

I bought this for my mate as a going away present ahead of their travels. I just couldn't help but try out the bag first before handing it over. It's stylish and sleek, the material is obviously high quality but incredibly comfortable. It's function, and unintrusive (if you're wearing other bags for travelling!) and overall just outstanding value for money - absolutely would recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet, stylish sling for their travels.

Emina Kezo
Stylish and Functional

Absolutely loving the design and size of this sleek sling! The magnetic opening is a nice touch. The materials used look great and durable.

Practical, comfortable, stylish and super spacious SLING

I have had the pleasure of wearing the "ACTIVE SLING" from Modern Dayfarer for the past few weeks. I really appreciate accessories and clothing items that are practical but also look unique. I am positively surprised by the details that are associated with this product. Both the quality of the material and the finishes clearly show us that this is a premium class product. I use this sling on a daily basis, and I must admit that I am able to pack all items I need into it without stretching the space too much. Even with such packing, the Sling looks excellent. It also doesn't matter how many items I put inside - with proper organization it is mega comfortable (strap is just great) and most importantly, gives me the feeling that they are safe (magnetic closure) and I can reach for them at any time. Sling has a great use for daily activities, but also for pursuing hobbies such as photography. I can heartily recommend it to both EDC fans and people who are looking for a sling that will be practical and also add style to your outfit, whether for everyday wear or business purposes.

The best pocket reliever ever!

This little fellow was what I was looking for! Empty pant pockets is the way to go and this sling works fantastically! The materials are premium, the fidlock system makes it so you just push down on the main flap to close the bag. So easy and it feels secure! Would I have like a key leach? Maybe.. would I have like an extra .3 litres? Possibly.. but the size forces me to stay minimal, which keeps me organized. I definitely recommend this little guy! The customer service was amazing, big thanks to David who made the whole experience pleasant for me. Hoping to purchase the V2 soon, as I fell in love with this company!

Kawika Kiili
Great every day carry bag

I purchased this as an alternative to my Aer City Sling 2 (which I really like). I'm writing this review about a month from having switched and can say that the Active Sling is going to stay as my daily carry. The magnetic access main stow is a quality of life improvement that I didn't know I needed making it more likely that I will keep useful items on my person. Overall this slings a lot better over the shoulder as well. The City Sling 2 tends to cut into my neck if I tighten it, the Active Sling not at all. Super comfortable The separators in the main stow are perfect for my daily carries (keys, flashlight, pen, knife, airpods, wallet) with room to stash unexpected items (random palm sized things my family hands me).

Materials and craft are superb. One gripe, although I love Fidlock in general the style of this one doesn't lend itself to a small pack, it takes more effort to open than I'd like. This style works well on my Boundary Supply sling which has more heft. The City Sling's Fidlock style seems better suited to this size pack.

Overall I think this is a great sling. I've taken my time to be picky about what I'd use and I've finally made the right choice with the Active Sling.

Dave K.
Great Day Pack!

Great day pack and fits every need I was looking for. It is compact, easy to get things out of, and above all it looks sleek regardless of how I'm wearing it!