ACTIVE Sling: Seamless access to your wallet, key, phone, and all your essentials.

Crafted with the finest materials available, the Active Sling boasts the VX-21 XPak® fabric, a creation of Dimension-Polyant's eco-conscious cleenTEC® range. This fabric incorporates recycled components and is produced in entirely climate-neutral facilities.

Dimension-Polyant is the global forerunner in producing advanced, high-end sailcloth. Their VX21 XPak® fabric draws inspiration from technical racing sails. Comprising a three-layer laminate, it guarantees extreme tear-resistance, water protection, and feather-light weight. The fabric further endows the bag with impeccable structural stability.

Its flap pocket, secured by two Fidlock® buckles, facilitates ultra-fast opening for instant access. Plus, the Fidlock® magnetic buckle on the strap ensures secure, one-handed use.

Key Features:

• VX-21 Fabric – A premium offering from sailcloth giants Dimension-Polyant®
• Ripstop Nylon
• YKK® Zipper
• Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle

• Organized Internal Pockets
• Easily Adjustable Shoulder Strap
• Concealed Hidden Pocket

10.5" (26.5 cm) x 5.5" (14 cm)

0.45 lbs (0.22 kg)

DAYFARER Active Sling - fabrics



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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
JF Chevrier
The best pocket reliever ever!

This little fellow was what I was looking for! Empty pant pockets is the way to go and this sling works fantastically! The materials are premium, the fidlock system makes it so you just push down on the main flap to close the bag. So easy and it feels secure! Would I have like a key leach? Maybe.. would I have like an extra .3 litres? Possibly.. but the size forces me to stay minimal, which keeps me organized. I definitely recommend this little guy! The customer service was amazing, big thanks to David who made the whole experience pleasant for me. Hoping to purchase the V2 soon, as I fell in love with this company!

Kawika Kiili
Great every day carry bag

I purchased this as an alternative to my Aer City Sling 2 (which I really like). I'm writing this review about a month from having switched and can say that the Active Sling is going to stay as my daily carry. The magnetic access main stow is a quality of life improvement that I didn't know I needed making it more likely that I will keep useful items on my person. Overall this slings a lot better over the shoulder as well. The City Sling 2 tends to cut into my neck if I tighten it, the Active Sling not at all. Super comfortable The separators in the main stow are perfect for my daily carries (keys, flashlight, pen, knife, airpods, wallet) with room to stash unexpected items (random palm sized things my family hands me).

Materials and craft are superb. One gripe, although I love Fidlock in general the style of this one doesn't lend itself to a small pack, it takes more effort to open than I'd like. This style works well on my Boundary Supply sling which has more heft. The City Sling's Fidlock style seems better suited to this size pack.

Overall I think this is a great sling. I've taken my time to be picky about what I'd use and I've finally made the right choice with the Active Sling.

Dave K.
Great Day Pack!

Great day pack and fits every need I was looking for. It is compact, easy to get things out of, and above all it looks sleek regardless of how I'm wearing it!

Ridiculous import fees!

Over $50 in import duties. These guys can’t ship to North America! Terrible experience.

Thank you for your feedback. To clarify on North American shipments, orders under 800 USD to the US are not subject to customs charges. However, customs charges may apply for shipments to Canada, which is beyond our control. We ensure to mention on our FAQ page and every product page that 'Custom duties/taxes might be payable on arrival' for clients outside the European Union or the US. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Excellent quality

The finishing of the product is great. The magnetic closure takes a little bit of getting used to but it should work well in the long term. I like the waterproof materials and the product still look premium despite the non traditional materials used. Good for my summer holiday trips when I can keep my power bank, reading glasses and passport in a chic compact carrier.

The swiveling sling makes the bag big your boast well without being clumsy.