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DAYFARER V2 Backpack

Sale price€170.10 Regular price€189.00

Pre-orders for the DAYFARER V2 Backpack are now live. Shipping begins in late July / early August.

Dedicated Laptop Sleeve: Keeps your laptop secure and easily accessible

Ventilated Shoe Compartment: Separate section keeps shoes isolated and airs them out.

Access: Dual access front panel.

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Customer Reviews

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Martijn Wolters
pricey but good

It's a really good product though I found it to be on the expensive side. Had it for a couple of months now. Very durable and stylish.
Would definitely recommend it if its in sale!

Great backpack but misleading marketing

The backpack has been holding up very well and fits all my everyday needs. Only downside to the product itself is the fact that the shoulder bands sometimes try to escape which leads to some discomfort, especially when the bag has not been evenly loaded weight-wise (heavy water bottle for example).

The marketing for this product has been misleading. The 'full price' has never been the actual price and right now it's the second round of 'pre-orders' they've done. Just choose a good set price and this product will sell itself, it's good.


David here. I'm glad to hear that the backpack is holding up well and meeting your everyday needs. I wanted to address your concerns about our pricing and pre order process.

This is not a marketing strategy. In fact, I prefer not to work with pre orders. We have already ramped up production to meet the demand, but we still sold out faster than expected. Our primary focus right now is to have all products continuously in stock and we are actively working towards that goal.

Until we can ensure consistent availability, we offer pre order discounts as a way to thank customers who are willing to wait one, or two months for their backpacks. I believe it is important to provide something in return for their patience.

Thank you for your feedback and support!


Fernao Morato
Just what I needed

It's a great backpack. It protects my belongings when it's raining, it looks good, it's very comfortable, fits my shoes, my lunch, my notebook and all my crap.
Only downside is that it can't sit up right.

Rodel Allan De La Cerna

1. Durability: The backpack is constructed with high-quality materials that are built to last. The reinforced stitching ensures its longevity, while the sturdy zippers provide smooth functionality.

2. Ample Storage: The backpack offers generous storage space, making it perfect for both daily use and travel. The main compartment is spacious and can accommodate books, notebooks, and other large items. There are also smaller compartments and pockets for organizing smaller essentials such as pens, keys, and smartphones, and especially the shoe compartment for your gym shoes.

3. Versatility: This backpack is designed to adapt to various situations. Whether you're a student, a professional, fitness enthusiast or a frequent traveler, it caters to your needs. It seamlessly transitions from a school, gym or work bag to a reliable companion for weekend getaways or outdoor adventures.

4. Comfort: The ergonomic design of the backpack ensures optimal comfort, even during extended wear. The adjustable padded shoulder straps help distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your shoulders and back. The breathable back padding enhances airflow and prevents discomfort caused by excessive sweating.

5. Security: The backpack incorporates security features to protect your belongings. The hidden pockets and compartments provide a discreet and secure place to store valuables such as wallets, passports, and important documents.

6. Style: In addition to its functional attributes, this backpack boasts a sleek and modern design that suitable for any occasions.

7. Warranty: The manufacturer stands behind the quality of their product and offers a warranty for added assurance. This demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and reinforces the trustworthiness of their brand.

The company's responsiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction have had a positive impact on my overall experience with the warranty process, especially the owner himself Mr. David sets a positive example for the company and its customer service team. His personal touch and attention to detail contribute to a customer-centric approach that goes above and beyond expectations. Mr. David's personal involvement suggests that he genuinely cares about his customers and their experiences with the product and the company as a whole. This level of dedication can greatly enhance the overall customer experience and foster a sense of trust and loyalty. When a company's owner takes an active role in ensuring customer satisfaction, it demonstrates a strong commitment to providing exceptional service. Their quick response reflects their commitment to resolving any issues promptly and ensuring customer happiness. This level of attentiveness is undoubtedly commendable and adds to the outstanding service and support provided by the company.

It's always reassuring to know that a company values its customers and is willing to go the extra mile to address any concerns. Their swift response and resolution demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a high standard of customer care, which is indeed praiseworthy.

All in all, this backpack offers an exceptional combination of durability, functionality, comfort, and style. It has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of modern individuals, making it a reliable and versatile companion for any occasion.

Perfect companion for work/gym lifestyle

Love this backpack, already had V1 and used it for 6 years every day. The quality is impressive and the material very durable. That is one backpack I can rely on every day!

Ah yeah and V1 got passed down to my mother, she is also very happy with the backpack! :)

Jaron Parnala
Would like to give it a 5, but a few things that could be improved for v3

First I'd like to say the owner of MD (David) is super responsive and clearly cares about his customers experiences with his products. I purchased my MD Backpack v2 back in August 2023 and missed a promo by a day or two. I reached out to David and he happily refunded me the difference for the promo. If I could give 5 stars for customer experience I would do it for that experience alone. Other businesses should take note!

On to the product review...I went down a rabbit hole of researching EDC bags that fit my travel and fitness needs. Following the recommendation from Nomad Nation, I chose Modern Dayfarer. I've now used the MD Backpack v2 for 7 months and love many things: sleek design, clever and compact shoe compartment, great organization with the side pocket/expandable water bottle, laptop compartment, and front pocket. One of the features I was most excited for was the magnetic fidlock which has ironically become my biggest critique for this bag. Snapping the fidlock is quite easy, but the problem I experience regularly is that when you pack your bag and if there is some imbalance, the fidlock comes undone very easily. I have had the fidlock come undone multiple times as I've traveled abroad only for me to fiddle around with my backpack to move around items to better balance the backpack and then tighten the fidlock strap as much as possible to keep tension. If you also carry a water bottle of anything more than 20oz, this will also cause an imbalance to the backpack and can cause the fidlock to become undone. I can mostly get around this problem now, but it is a bummer as I was very excited for this feature.

Other things that are good, but could use some improvements for v3:
- hidden compartment zipper can get easily stuck and hard to unzip given how small the zipper is
- suitcase strap is very tight and horizontal. When I've packed this bag a bit more for traveling, getting the strap through the luggage pass through has been quite a challenge. A vertical strap would be ideal (they would need to redesign the padding on the back, but I think it'd be worth it)

Overall, I like my MD backpack v2 despite the fidlock issue. I am very happy at the customer experience I've had with the owner and am confident that future versions of the backpack will be even better.

Daniel Ezquer
Great bag and perfect design

All what you need and very well is my second bag and I am very happy with the quality

Scott Lyjak

Drawn in due to the sleek style pics & impressed even more so once delivered. Live in the United States & it was delivered within 4 days of shipping. Main reason for getting, outside of the magnetic clip (which doesn't accidentally pop open as much as I was fearing it would) was the shoe compartment + laptop pocket combo. The shoes don't take too much away from the main pocket, easily for all my work + workout gear inside with the adjustable size. Haven't made full use of all of the secret pockets, but like how actually hidden they are. Final notable feature is the top strap, useful position for carrying & fits on a hook a lot better then other bags I've tried to hang up in a gym locker.
Only downside this far is getting use to the shoulder straps, there not as much padding as my previous bag, but anticipate them just needed a bit of breaking in.

Worth the wait!

Received my backpack March 4, 2024 after placing the order on January 27, 2024. There was a shipping delay as mentioned on the product page due to the conflict in the Red Sea area.

The backpack is exactly as expected, even better in some ways. Its more sturdy than I expected maintaining its shape even when empty, which I like. The back section that hold the laptop compartment acts a backbone providing structure to the entire pack. Though I've watched/read all the reviews, this product has exceeded my expectations!

Louie Tsang
Worth every penny and the wait.

Ok so I preordered back in October… with original ship date month of December… but it got delayed and delayed again… finally it arrives first week of March…
And was it worth the wait… ima say Hell yes.
I wanted a bag that can hold everything I need from my work, lunch to gym clothes and occasional lifting shoes.
Material and craftsmanship looks and feels very good.
The water bottle pocket is big enough for a blender bottle and goes pretty deep.
Tons of pockets and inside pockets for small things like battery packs, usb cables etc.
even though it took longer than expected to arrive due to issues beyond their control, I’m very happy with it once I got the bag.